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Montefelrto Barrel Question


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I have a Montefeltro Super 90 12ga. I just bought a slug barrel for it, which doesn't fit..


The ring on the slug barrel that slides over the magazine tube is different from the original barrel: On the original barrel, the ring is much smaller and is positioned higher-up towards the muzzle, so it slides over just the top nipple part of the mag tube.


On the slug barrel, the ring is bigger and it slides over the entire mag tube. Thus, the ring sits half-way down the mag tube and prevents the forearm from being re-attached to the gun.


My question is, did I get the wrong barrel, or, do I need other parts to make this slug barrel work with my gun?


Thanks in advance for any help. The barrel was expensive so I would like to figure this out. I will try posting pictures of the two barrels later.


*Ok, it won't let me post pictures bucause my post count is under 5....

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That appears to be an M1/M2 slug barrel.

Either you didn't know what you were buying or they didn't know what they were selling.


That's what I was afraid of. I didn't know what I was buying (no picture), and the guy (private party) obviously didn't know what he was selling!


I was just reading somewhere, that some Benelli's require special forearms for the slug barrels to work. I was hoping that was the case with mine!


Anyway, thanks for the help!


Anyone want to buy a M1/M2 rifled barrel? :)

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