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What Makes Scents 2009


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Hey everyone, hope your seasons are going great! Just wanted to start up a thread that was focused on what you all are doing this fall for Scent Elimination and Scent Attractants. I have been playing around with everything from Dead Down Wind to Scent Killer in every form you can imagine (detergent, Field Spray, Body Soap, Etc.). If you guys use the dead down wind soap I recommend getting some of their lotion because it will dry you out bad. Looking forward to using it during White Tail Season, haven't got to see my Scents work yet because no bear have come to my site while I have been in.

I will be using Wild Life Research Center's "Special Golden Estrus" instead of Tink's # 69 which I have used for years with some decent results, but I feel like trying something new.

Anyways let everyone know what you guys are using that is new or your old favorites so we can all benefit this fall in our Hunting Adventures.

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Just a little heads up that Wild Life Research Center's Super Charged Scent Killer will leave residue on all items that are not absorbent materials such as clothing. So if you plan on spraying it all over your trail cameras and such be sure to wipe it evenly or you will get a spotty mess and I'm sure it would make your trail pics come out ****** if it were on the lens.

I will be returning to Dead Down Wind because I found it to be the best at eliminating all kinds of scents, not just human odor.

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