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R1 Owners - Please check this measurement


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You guys are gonna love this.



We've got some fool on the main forums trying to sell a "R1 Critical Assembly Tool" for $18 plus shipping.


He's selling cheap pin punches for 4x their retail value and saying they're made to custom fit the R1 barrel nut.


Do us a favor and tell us what size standard hardware pin punch best fits the hole on the nut, so we can give this bum the boot. :mad:

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OK Tucker, you win.


This forum belongs to you. There is no scam, no mystery no deception. The picture is generic and in the public domain and illustrative of what the "R1" part looks like.


I had a part made that works great and intended to share it with the rest of the R1 fans out there.


So that you can share the info with others who trust you, here is the breakdown on the part.


Stainless steal punch pin: $7.00

Powder coat $2.00

Machinist time: 1/4 hour x 25/hour $6.25

Gas and travel: 30 miles $3.00


Cost of part: $18.25



What an embarrassment to have such anger expressed to a new member of the forum.


I had a few extra "R1" tools made with the original and will provide them as gifts until the supply runs out.


As you can tell from the above numbers, there was nothing sinister about this effort.


This concludes our exchange, no good deed goes unpunished.



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I have reread each of your posts.



In retrospect, it would have been much less offensive if I had simply posted some information about the tool that I recently had made and had invited anyone who wanted more information to contact me for details.


Obviously I have inadvertently offended some of you. To the extent that I did, and to the extent that you thought you were being “scammed”, I apologize for any discomfort or misunderstanding.


For those of you who share the same concern that I do about the lack of a real tool to assemble and disassemble the R1, please allow me to share with you what I have learned.


The hole that the nut fits into is approximately ¼ inches in diameter. As such, a standard ¼ inch punch pin that you can buy at Sears will be too large to fit into the holes. A 3/16 punch pin will be too small and may elongate the holes.


So I took a ¼ inch stainless steel punch pin and had it machined down to 0.245 inches. That fits the holes and works great. Screw drivers and other tools can damage the collar. Cheap punch pins cost around $5 good ones cost about $7-$9. I didn’t like the powder coat so I coated mine with the rubberized tool handle material that you can buy at any hardware store.


I hope some of you find this information helpful and once again to those who had any discomfort, I apologize.



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