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Buckshot through SBE II.


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I have tried evry choke tube that came with the gun , as well as a patternmaster, and two different SB kicks choke tubes . So far I haven't found an acceptable pattern from any combination??? I have tried 2.75" , 3" and 3.5" buck shot as well . I get consistantly low shot patterns and very very spread out ? Good luck ,,if you find a combo that works let me know.

The best one I have found so far has been the stock IC

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I just got an SBE II and haven't had a chance to pattern it yet. What shells did you try when you tested it? Fed? Rem? Win? What size? I've always used the Federal copper coated OO in my old 3" Browning, so I'm curious to see what will do best in this new gun. Right now, though, it seems next to impossible to even FIND buck shot in a store to test.... :(

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If you want to keep the new gun clean and running well winchester is the best, It wont leak insilation.


If you want the mear best patterns remingtion is the way to go. and get non- plated shot ( its way easier to clean;)


I've tried federal, and my opinion is "It's best if used in the field"


3" is the best size shell to test with.


and try to find #1 Buck, I like their patterns

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