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Nova vs Cheek


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I recently decided to buy a Benelli Nova. Everyone I asked said it is an excellent choice, and a very well made pump shotgun. And it sure seems to be.


Anxious to try it out. I shot a round of trap with it. Several times though, the top of the stock contacted my cheek so hard its still sore after a week. Other than the cheek thing I was very pleased with its performance. I like the 3" and 3 1/2" magnum capability, as well as the composite stock and non glare finish. And with the 26" barrel seems to balance well, it comes up and points nice.


I've shot a shotgun for 35 yrs and never had a stock contact my cheek before. Is there any thing I could do to remedy this situation? Maybe a pad over the stock? Is there anyway to modify the stock?


I wonder if the accessory mercury recoil reducer would help? Although felt recoil through my shoulder didnt seem bad at all.


I thought that maybe I could just keep my cheek away from the stock while shooting. I've practiced at home mounting the gun a few times and discovered I have to bring my cheek up to the stock to get a good "picture" over the barrel.


I'd appreciate any advice on this matter


Thanks, Sipi

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Your not mounting the gun right. The LOP (length of pull) might be shorter than your use to. You will love the gun once you get to know it better.


A recoil reducer helps with magnum loads but isn't worth the money if you just shoot trap type loads. However I do have a limsavers pad on my novas and love them.


Good luck

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