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  1. I use tuf glide on my guns. Getting it dipped will help with rust but not needed for turkeys.
  2. I shoot my Nova for trap and have to cover the bird as well. Something I've gotten used to. I can keep in pretty good for the first 3 rounds. Then the old farts with the fancy guns take over.
  3. http://www.choketube.com
  4. Won't happen. We here in Illinois deal with idiots like this all the time. They keep getting shut down.
  5. If you have the money I would get the M2. The supernova is a great gun. (I own 3 models of the nova) 3 inch is all I shoot anymore.
  6. Are you planning on using the 24invh barrel too? Use can always send it to Briley and have it cut down. But you can buy a new shotgun for about what it costs.
  7. Was it ok last year? If it was, dissemble and see what it's hanging up on.
  8. More practice. Follow the bird all the way to the ground even if you hit it.
  9. Not bringing the action all the way to the rear. The gun will eject and not bring up the next round even if you don't cycle the action all the way back. I've done it a few times dove hunting and a few on the skeet field. I get in a hurry when the birds come in and it ends up costing me in the long run.
  10. Hard to tell.. Maybe your short stroke-in the action.
  11. It will be easier and close to the same price to buy the whole gun.
  12. I shoot trap with the Nova all the time. Are you going to compete with the big boys? No. Will you have alot of fun? Yes. I average around 22 but I only shoot at most 3-4 rounds at a time. If your planning on shooting several hundred rounds at a time, the Nova/Supernova will beat you up.
  13. I could be wrong but isn't all Benelli barrels manufacturer in Turkey?
  14. The nova is great for everything but skeet even though I average just over 23 on the skeet field with it. It will be very frustrating for a new shooter to start on a game where O/U's and semi-auto rule. Not to mention you have cycle a 3 1/2 chamber without short stroking. Other than that, my Nova has taken down just about every upland,waterfowl, and turkey available here in IL without missing a beat. My recommendation would be an M2 or M2 American. The montyfeltero would be good too. ( don't think I spelled that correct)
  15. The best weapon is the one that suits your own needs. The best weapon is the one you train with the most. The best weapon is the the one your the most comfortable and the most accurate with.
  16. Black cloud is a great load. I've use it for ducks. Geese I just like the heavier stuff.
  17. I can see the challenge in that. sounds fun!
  18. Sure.. Where did I say I shoot lead with waterfowl? Hevishot, Federal heavyweight are a few to name. There are more non-toxic loads out there than that. No need to school you.. Unless you need help with google. And for the if you shoot steel, that's great. If that works for you, that's great. But there is more payload out there that just the difference between 3 and 3 1/2 shells.
  19. Hit what your aiming at and you won't go through so much ammo...
  20. I think one of the differences to here is what load/brand your shooting as well as the choke and pattern of your gun. The only time I shoot steel is for the public dove hunts. Non toxic is required and I'm not going to shoot hevi shot at doves. Steel is getting old and outdated. There is alot of alternative loads out there.
  21. Its hard if not impossible to find 2 3/4 non toxic loads for waterfowl so starting on that kick will get you no where. I why we are on the subject, 20 gauge is enough for duck, geese, and turkey. 20 gauge slugs are good for deer,hog,and other mid sized game. My friend shoots pheasants with a recurve bow. He has taken hundreds of birds with a shotgun and wanted more of a challenge. 3 1/2 isn't bad. But for the people that want more of a challenge, bringing game in closer, smaller, less powerful ammo is the way to go. Same reason I only deer hunt with a bow. I rather not get anything or pass up shot then to shoot an animal with a high powered rifle at 400 yards. There is no challenge in that for me.
  22. If that's the case, then why don't you shoot 10 gauge?
  23. P.S. the manufacturer recommends the clean the gun before shooting. There is excessive oil to prevent rust that should come off before firing. It keeps dirt and debris out of the chamber. It's also good to clean to remove any possible obstructions in the chamber and barrel.
  24. 3 and 3 1/2 shells as the same velocity. At least most do.
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