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    If jakes are seen here in Illinois, they die just like there older brothers. Looks like you missed
  2. What chokes do you have? A skeet choke would be the best. Improved Cylinder would be the next best.
  3. Ok, So shes not to young for me. Anyway, cool shotgun!
  4. Try to hit them in the middle. They will break everytime.
  5. She looks a little young for me.
  6. Haven't done it but watched before. Crazy! But looks fun.
  7. The new Beretta 400 is a cool new gun to checkout as well.
  8. I thought if you wanted the performance benelli's you had to order them from benelli. Briley does the work but won't make you the same gun if you send it to them. If you do send your gun to Briley they will still hook you up with with a sweet gun when there done.
  9. Went out to the Skeet range last night with a buddy. Cold night but fun. Haven't been in about a year and did very well with my Nova. Shot 4 rounds and shot a 24,22,23,19. My buddy that came out with me was his first time on the field. He was shooting a older Beretta auto and was instantly hooked. He shot 4 rounds as well putting up 12,14,13,16. Not bad for a first timer.
  10. Looked like a good clean shot. He missed the dog and everything.
  11. Picture on my EDC. Delica4 ZDP-189
  12. Novaking

    Tom Knapp

    First of all. GO BEARS!!! Second, Tom is a first class shooter. His movement is way smoother than all the other exhibition shooters. Tom is a well rounded shooter and will do great things for CZ.
  13. All the links opened on my ******. Maybe you have faulty equipment. Wow!! I can't type I p h o n e
  14. I thought Briley did all the work on there turkey guns.
  15. I like the hand throwers the best. The angle and speed changes on every throw. There 5-7 bucks and they fit in the range bag. I think they make a double one to for 15 bucks.
  16. I have called them with my order and I was able to use my free shipping coupon and 20 off 100. I have called in most of my internet orders lately. You sometimes get a better deal.
  17. Have you checked there Forum? http://coldsteelforums.com/
  18. Mine is about 15 years old and yes I've used mine as a pry bar, cut limbs, small sapplings and other cool things. I can't speak for cold steel now because mine was made with carbon V steel and made in the USA. 4 years ago they move everything overseas.
  19. P.S. Since we are on the topic. I know Benelli doesn't make knives. ( I haven't seen one anyway) I knife section or a sub forum in the big game section would be cool. Just a thought. What does everyone else thing??
  20. I use a Old timer stockman to gut and skin some parts of the deer. For Skinning deer.cleaning upland game, and turkey I use a old timer sharpfinger. I have many knives but these 2 knives serve me the best for the jobs. Both sharpen easy, hold a good edge, all 4 blades (3 on the stockman,1 on the sharpfinger) are full flat ground blades and there about 35 buck for the pair. I don't like spending tons of money on equipment in the field that could get ruined or lost. EDC is a different story. I carry a Sypderco Endura 4 zdp-189 and the stockman. I also keep a Cold steel 8'' recon tanto in th
  21. Try a few slugs with a Cylinder or Improved Cylinder chokes and see if you can get a 3 shot group at 50 yards. Buy about 3-4 different kinds of slugs and compare the groups.
  22. did you get the free shipping email today? promo code (gifts). good to 11/30
  23. Remover the mag. cap, take some needle nose pliers and remove the black ring with 2 holes in it. Keep your hand over it because its under pressure. Remove the plug and reinstall the ring and mag cap. Good to go.
  24. They don't rush people. If your a good hunter they don't know your there. There rushing the call. It's what there designed to do. If you do your part, a shotgun is all you need. There not as dumb as you would think. Bobcats and coyotes are some of the hardest hunting. It takes a true skill to get them into 40 yards. Anyone can shoot them out in the open at 400 yards. As far as backup, many states don't allow "backup guns" such as pistols. If your scared, then don't hunt. If you don't have the skill, then leave it to the men. Just saying.
  25. Carlson makes a dead coyote choke that is very hard hitting with 000 buck and T shot.
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