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  1. Hey, Does any one know where I can get a holster for my simga series 9mm smith-wessen. I'm trying to stay under $40 dollars. thanks novaking
  2. its illegal to shoot ducks or any bird exept turkeys on the ground or water. They must be in flight! read your hunters guide and do it the right way. I can pick off ducks with my 22-250 at 400 yards but I don't.
  3. It stays up so you can unload the mag. tube from the bottom without putting a round in the chamber. Just press on the shell stop.
  4. why are you shooting ducks with lead shot. 2/34 shells have a killing range of about 40 yard if your lucky. Nice try!
  5. Where I'm from. You can only have 3 shell in your gun if your hunting anyway.
  6. my nova is a trap god!!!!! have fun
  7. limsaver makes recoil pad for the nova. You can get it on http://www.tomknapp.net . about 44.00 dollars. great product.
  8. Novaking

    Sport II 12 gauge

    1400.00 in Illinois
  9. Novaking

    Sport II 12 gauge

    1400.00 in Illiniois
  10. sound to me your wife or girlfiend lets you buy to many nice guns. (hahahaha) First, if you have a sbe2 then why did you buy a nova? Anyway, I'm a nova fan. I have a 12 and 20 gauge nova. Why? under 320 dollars. But if you have the $. Then I would trade the nova and get a supersport2. I've shot it and it is a great gun. Don't forget about the ulralight. Its only 6 pounds. good luck!!
  11. Ok, almost all shotgun/pistol powder burns to its max. burn at 10 to 13 inches which means that barrel length has barely anything to do with anything. I think they want you to buy more barrels and guns. hope this helps
  12. tomknapp.net,choketube.com,benelli.com,cabelas,
  13. get off it birdman. benelli is one of the best shotguns in the market. If you don't like Benelli, then quit posting about them. Its your problem you got screwed.
  14. Novaking

    choke tubes

    I say carlson chokes all the way. go to choketube.com. That is the carlsons web site. the extended chokes are 34.95 each or if you buy 2 or more they are 29.95 each. also if you buy 3 or more ($75 or more) then you get free shipping. Last you also get a free choke tube holder and a free wrench. Carlson chokes are a life time product and you can shoot lead, steel,hevi shot through all of the chokes.
  15. Beurhero1, You will get that with almost any CS. The problem is a lot of manufactures won't train the employees that answer the phone. So they don't know whats going on unless its right in front of there face.
  16. Hello!!! Why would you buy a gun and wait for a barrel. Thats like buying a truck with no tires or rims with maybe a change that you will be able to order them before the trucks first oil change. GET REAL!!! YOUR THE PROBLEM NOT BENELLI
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