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  1. I would go with a barrel in the 18-24 barrel range.
  2. Novaking

    M2 American

    I haven't seen one in a while but I have seen the sbeII american last week.
  3. So you will go to jail for attempted murder/manslaughter. I think thats a 30+ year sentence.
  4. Next week? Try weds. Early goose starts on the 1st!!! Goose in the morning,Dove in the evening. Its going to be a great day!!
  5. Before you buy everything, make sure its worth you time and money. http://www.trapshooters.com/rlcalcadv.htm I just entered all the stuff I would need to reload and I even didn't include tax and Reloading for me would come out to 20 cent higher a box for 2 3/4 1 1/8 1200 FPS. Where you can come out ahead would be if you bought big lots of primers,powder,shot,wads or if you shot 1 or 7/8 ounce shot. Good luck!! I reload for 3 pistols and love it. There is just a way bigger advantage for pistol than shotgun.
  6. Novaking

    First Experience

    What are you using the gun for?? clay target shooting? Hunting?? What are you hunting? Do ve? Pheasants? Ducks? Geese? Turkey? Deer?
  7. Thats good!! Keep us posted.
  8. Novaking

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    You can't beat the nova line. There great guns. But if you can swing the money, I would go for an auto. I've been looking real hard at the m2 american.
  9. Novaking

    M2 vs. Cordoba

    You can look at the benelli American shotguns. The m2 is 799.00-899.00 and the sbeII is 1129.00-1200.00
  10. Problem with this is nobody wants to get rid of there dillons. Dillon 650's are $550 new.
  11. There worth what your willing to pay for them. I don't see the point in buying one but that's me. I heard they MSRP for 180 bucks which would make retail in the 140 range. Do what you want to your own toys.
  12. I don't shoot watermelon this time of year. They just sit around and don't pose much of a challenge. Patterning boards taste to much like cardboard so I decide not to hunt them because I can't give them away. Clays are ok with a little olive oil,pepper and garlic but my crockpot I broke and I don't have enough freezer space to store them. chronographes have the Iron I need in my diet but being in Illinois, you may only shoot chronos in the air. I got tired of sitting all weekend for one to move. I think I will just wait for duck season.
  13. Try it on what?? Who's waterfowlin? I got an email last week about it. Thought it was very new. Early goose doesn't start here until sept 1st
  14. That's sucks. That's new. The older models came with IM,mod,full
  15. The Nova tactical has screw-in chokes. Supernova tactical has fixed cylinder choke. That would be the desider for me.
  16. I think it cool there making these American shotguns. I like the simple no frills firearms.
  17. Gander mountain has them for 1129.00 in black.
  18. You drive a 60,000 dollar car that is worth 60,000 dollars or a 60,000 dollar car that msrp for 60,000 thats worth 32,000 dollars. Doesn't have a hitch so it doesn't mean crap to me. Just like a C-stock. Worthless.
  19. Yep. As I said, I haven't had mine for over 2 years.
  20. I don't know where you can find it but I haven't had one on my guns in about 2 years with no problems.
  21. Sounds fun!! Can't wait for some pictures.
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