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  1. It needs to be stripped and cleaned before use. Run about 3-4 boxes of heavy loads through it and clean again. Should be good to go after that. My buddy just got a M2 American and he found some 3 inch turkey loads on sale for like 5 bucks and box. He has been able to run 1oz loads since.
  2. It will fit. For about the same money you can buy a new nova.
  3. What does a SBE2 do that the SBE1 didn't? The OP had a honest question. It had nothing to do with the SBE 2.
  4. If you are having someone fit the gun for you, I would start there. Have will improve your score by a bunch. Extended choke may or may not help patterning. I have extended chokes because there easier to take out and change. Either way, new chokes will not help you at this time. When you start breaking 49 of 50, then change your chokes.
  5. I think badger barrels still makes slug barrels for the Nova. 199.00
  6. I've had a one point, a nova 20,nova and a super nova 12. I've sold all but my nova 12 gauge. Im not into the comfortech (I don't think it's worth the money. My nova hits everything I shoot at. As after as the 870, I'm not a fan for whatever reason. But if you a big game hunter and will be looking for a slug barrel, the 870 barrels will be more available and cheaper to get.
  7. Novaking

    Benelli nova help

    Benelli will fix anything wrong with the gun. A picture would be handy to know what we are looking at.
  8. If your not in competition, I would shoot the cheaper shell. 4-5 clays is a big difference, but I would learn to swing your gun a little faster to pickup the extra birds. Maybe setup one day on just passing birds. That's what I did on the skeet field. Shot 100 rounds in a row at each station over 8 weeks. Went from shooting 15 to average 23.2
  9. Novaking

    New Supernova

    Should come with Improved cylinder,.modified, and full. Will also come with comes action lock.
  10. I'd get black. Save the 150-200 bucks and get you a bottle of tuffglide. Then you can leave it at the bottom of the lake all year and it wouldn't rust.
  11. Love my 24 inch barrel.
  12. M2 or if you can find an M2 American. For the things you mentioned, why 12 gauge and not 20 gauge? Just curious.
  13. Your going to have a hard time finding a new pump shotgun with real wood. There just not made anymore.
  14. There is no 30 inch barrel available for the m1 or m2
  15. I use Improved cylinder the most. Most targets should be shot within 25 yards. Depends on how your choke/gun combo patterns.
  16. I little more info would be good. Have you cleaned the gun?
  17. Love my Nova! I average 23 on the skeet field this year. Gun fires everytime and shoots straight. What more could you ask for?
  18. I would take a few chokes with you. Over dogs, early season, a IC choke or skeet will work great. Bring a Modified just in case the birds arn't sitting. Good luck!
  19. Both are inertia guns. Unless they changed something I don't know about. All inertia guns are driven by the shells gases. The recoil of the shell going off is what drives the bolt back. Other than refinements,where its built, and a few other things I'm not a where of, the m2 and 2000 are pretty close.
  20. What Tim said. My cousin has an older Monty with a 18 1/2 field barrel.(don't know where he got it but it looks stock) The OAL is 27 inches and the gun weights about 6 pounds. He uses 3inch hevi-#5's with a Indian Creek choke and smashes a bird evey year.
  21. Novaking

    African Doves

    That's cool Tim!
  22. Brileys http://www.brileys.com
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