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  1. Come on Skeeter. We all know you don't have any friends. Its really your gun isn't it? I bought it cheap from one of your bothers on the other side of the Rio and now you want to turn a profit right? How close am I??
  2. If your looking to make your nova a tactical you should just buy a nova tactical. It will cost you about the same amount of money. I don't know what it would cost to have a forcing cone done but again, it might cost you the amount of the gun to do it. Guess it would be your call.
  3. Skeeter as made waymore than 15 useless posts. So you won't offend anyone here.
  4. Is that a more durable than the stock camo?? Curious of the price as well??
  5. They both look like they need to take a ****.
  6. All nova tacticals come with rifle type sights. Supernovas, you can't order rifled or ghost rings.
  7. I have zero experiance with wolff springs for shotguns but the main spring I put in my revolver when soft in under 500 rounds and was getting light primer strikes. (5out of 6). Put the stock one back in, no more problems.
  8. Badger barrels makes rifled slug barrels for the nova/supernova for 199.00. Novas in my area are 340.00+ and supernovas are 440.+ Before Badger made these barrels I would agree with you.(factory slug barrels were 327.00 if you could find them.) But thats not the case anymore.
  9. Skeeter, your just mad because we keep trying to export you.
  10. Don't leave out Beretta. The new 400A is getting good reviews. Lightweight, cycles 7/8's to 3 1/2's, And will most likely have less recoil than the Benelli's. Maybe more of a pain to clean but might be better in the long run.
  11. What model you looking for. Field, tactical. Shotgunnoob here on the forum is selling a used tactical.
  12. "knock down" power was nothing to do with bullet weight.
  13. To bad its ported. You could have it cut down and rethreaded for chokes. If you wanted to go 25-26 inch barrel, and get rid of the porting. maybe.. It would cost less than a new barrel.
  14. Check out the new Savage Edge! http://www.savagearms.com/ msrp is less than the stevens 200 (329.00) and the author from Guns and Ammo says it does come with a OK bushnell 3-9. I like the detachable mag.
  15. Crio chokes. This will help. http://www.choketube.com/guide.html
  16. He seem to like it because he gets paid to. Tom as been shooting clays long before the easyhit came out. He can't even use it right anyway because of his Benelli cam.
  17. I found the choke. I will try to send it to you this weekend.
  18. Savage makes great rifles. 449.00-500.00 range will get you an out of the box rifle that shoots like a dream. Stevens rifles don't have the accutrigger (I don't think anyways) and its well worth the money for a good trigger.
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