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comfortech and m2


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i want a m2, with the new barrel, new chokes, new forend, but i am not sure about the comfortech ans the mecanism.


did they changed the mecanism??? what they changed??

and what do you think about the confortech?? when i shot, my face is like welded on the stock, and am effraid because of the shok absorber on this stock.....i dont want to receive all the pression in my face, it will hurt!!

should i try it before changing ???

and if i change the stock, will it affect the internal mecanism?? what will it change???? durability is almost important.

am from canada, and here, i will pay something like 1600 for this weapon.....dont want to make a mistake.

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itir_du12 - I bought an M2 last Sept. only had it out a few times so far. Trap and a pheasant trip to ND. Shoots like a dream and I love it. Can't compare to other Benelli's as this is the only one I've shot. But much better than the Beretta I've used before.

No problems at all with the comfortech. It feels to me like the comfortech brings this recoil based gun in line with a gas one.

Can go to long with it being dirty... 1000 rounds and only 1 mis-feed so far. It was real dirty when it mis-fed. It was after 3 days of tromping through the scrub in ND.

Once again, I love it... hhhmmm I think it's time to add a tactical shotgun to the collection. Dang now I have to make another decision Nova or M4!!!

Good luck

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