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Piece broke on bolt head???

Clark Griswald

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I have a SBE 1 and this weekend the circular metal piece that sticks out of the bolt head that goes in to the groove of the bolt broke off. Look like it sheared right off in side the bolt head and fell off. Can I order just a replacement bolt head... do i have to go through dealer.... and is there any parts diagrams available to get the part number? Thanks guys

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I would think that if you do the normal bolt disassembly like in your manual that you hould be able to get the locking head pin out after you remove the firing pin. if there's still a piece of it down in the hole, maybe it'll just shake out or can be easily coaxed out.



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wow... thanks guys... ok it is numbe 55 on brownell chart... is that suppose to be removable because it looks like part of it is broke off inside the bolt head still? Thanks for any info on how to maybe get it out????


Yes, it's removable. You need to take it out to remove the firing pin.


That part has been known to break. I'd contact Benelli CS and check to see if they want to replace the part under warranty. When I sent back my 1991 SBE for a cracked barrel ring, they changed that part out and did some sort of upgrade work.


You can also just pay the $13 and get it from Brownells.


Just curious, have you ever taken the bolt assembly apart? I consider cleaning the bolt critical to the proper function of SBE.

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