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How does the R1 compare to BAR?


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Recoil is nothing more than simple physics.


The R1 has the Comfortech system, but don't believe all of the marketing statements about half the recoil. The R1 does weigh slightly more, so that will make it kick a tiny bit less.


I've had both, but not at the same time.

If recoil is a concern, get a less potent caliber like .243 or .308.


You'll also want to review the gas piston discussion.


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I think I am like Steve, recoil will be a concern, and my next purchase was going to be a BAR in 243. Hadn't seriously considered the 308, but the 243 is just a knecked down 308. Not quite sure why I hadn't seriously considered that.


Thanks again.



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I shoot a .308 R1 and a 40yr-old 99A saddle model, also in .308. Obivosly the gas auto produces less felt recoil, which is why I got it after my left shoulder (I'm a lefty) went bad. Now that the shoulder is 90% recovered I still find the R1 more comfortable to shoot.


But as for the BAR, I think they are quite close in felt recoil. At some point it's subjective - you have to get both on the range and shoot each alternately to make that judgement.


I also find .308 to be as much shell as I want to mess with. I know all the arguments for all the other .30cal versions (especially 30-06) and I've found the .308 to be just about all I want. I have a good friend who, as he's gotten older, has become increasingly sensitive to felt recoil and has settled on the .243 as his current caliber of choice. However there's a lot of opinions about whether this is enough caliber for deer, let alone bigger stuff, although it's been pretty well proven on antelope. Actually, it depends also on which bullet you choose and what factory load you choose as well.


Personally I'd stay with .308 and if you want to reduce the felt recoil I might consider handloads, or do a bit of research to find a "ligher" load.


Uncle Russ

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