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deer hunting


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well what we think is "best" and what is normal to what your use to may be 2 different worlds, case and point, i brought home a M1 Practical for an all around weapon, i can plug it to hunt turkey or put a rifled choke in it use slugs and hunt deer or just go outside and pop off 10 rounds non stop just for the fun using light loads and a coffe can as a target, first time my Father looked at that weapon he refused to even consdider the idea of it being a hunting weapon because it has too many "tactical" addons" however to me, the most important thing to a weapon initially is how it feels when you hold it, and yes its a given you will get what you pay for so accuracy is implied when your holding a $1300 weapon ..which don't get me wrong you can get a 180 dollar shotgun @ wally world and find a right shell to choke match and have a good setup, but getting off my rant, and back to your question i gues i'm answering with a question whats important comfort wise to you, does it have to be a pump, what barrel length do you like, do you want it camo painted or standard black, and with hunting deer with slugs do you intend to use a scope?



I apollogize if it seeems like alot that i'm throwing out but here's my point, the SBE, M1series and Nova are the only shotguns that have slug barrels made for them, and if i'm thinking correct there are 3 different barrels avail a 22' 24' and 26" *please note if anyone knows otherwise please post i'm just going from what i've been told many months ago* the reason why i asked if you was going to use a scope is becuase there are quiet a few of the versions listed above that come pre tapped for scope bases/mounts and some others like my Practical that have a rail already mounted on it at a proper level so that i could mount a scope or optic and still use the sights, the other thing about the slugs is have you considered the mercury recoil reducer? if your going to use those thumping 3.5" slugs its going to add some punch on the other end of the gun no matter how good the quality altho i'll admit that Benelli is the best shotgun system i've ever seen to deal with fealt recoil, they really have done tons for the shooter to be more comfortable, and i guess lastly have you considered a standard stock or a "vertial positve control grip" or as we normal people say pistol grip stock ..the debate rages between old fashioned hunters and the others that use them saying either there worth there weight in gold in the field or there not worth what there made of to have.



sorry to be so long, but when you said the words hunting deer i just sprung, i've been a deer hunter litterally all my life and while i don't bring a trophy in every year its not becuse i don't have the chance and generally only time i kill one is when A. its a confirmed kill shot and B. i know there is help and assistance in working up the meet for storage to eat through out the next year.


sorry to be so long but hope i could offer a few idea's for you once you can answer a bunch of the questions i put up there i'll be more than happy to pop back with a few reccomendations






Lupinus Nobilitas


Honda SH125

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