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  1. on the M1/SBE 4 shot extension its completly hallow if the threading your talking about is a collar that is a ring around the end of the tube then thats the part that you attach to the orignal tube you simply thread it down however before you do that you need to look for 2 pieces 1 is a small black metal cap about the size of a nickle with bent edges and a whole in the center. this is the top cap for the very tip of the extension tube and of course you have to have your spring so IMHO replace the stock spring with your new +4 spring let it hang out, drop the top cap *nickle sized black bi
  2. Good question, i'll add that to my list come monday, sorry don't have a solid answer for you yet, but with them going out far enough to make those guns in Left Hand i'm *at least me thinking* they'd go the distance and at least make 1 slug barrel for us ttyl Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ Harley-Davidson FLHR
  3. oh and while were on the subject here's something to think about thats for the LEO's and MEO's Agulia an Arginten *sp* made line of ammo has what the call "mini" shells and from the best that i can tell there slugs are right at 3dram of powder and 1 and 1/4'ths ounces of lead which bearly squeaks by on the Benelli guidelines ..here's the kicker there 1 3/4'ths inches long which means you can all but double your max capacity ..if someone one feels like doing the math have at it you have 8x3 then take that number and divide it by 1.75 see how far off i am, IMHO i think i can get about 16 to 18 i
  4. shh i won't tell but thanks for the heads up I honestly didn't know that one Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas [ 02-26-2004, 06:32 PM: Message edited by: Wulf ] ________ mflb vaporizer
  5. Wulf

    #1 SON --PIC

    the shorter barrel i was referring to was a slug barrel wich is about 4" shorter than my inital barrel @ 26" ported, what i was trying to achieve was a 1 action for every occasion be it turkey hunting deer hunting wth slugs and the rifled barrel i'm doing it in a kit the inital layout with the 9+1 shot tube 26" barrel ported and threaded for chokes and the 22 *or was it 24"" slug barrel with +2 shot extension for pure slug hunting..yes the +2 is purely for looks, but it was more economical than buying a standard cap IE the +2 was 40 bucks with spring and the standard cap is 37.99 +tax and
  6. Wulf

    slugs and chokes

    */em gives mudhen a calmer downer* heh no bro we know while they have the ability to do such a task that they would never becuse they would be better off saying "just get a rifled barrel" but i've settled for the IC choke it patterens very well @ 25 yards which is an insane distance for self defence *put 3 rounds all cutting each others corner in an upside down triange in the head reagon across the mid ear line about the nose area* funny you should say Brennekk Mud, thats the exact slug i use, that and BRI which if i'm not mistaken is made by the same company but I love the KO's
  7. PS sorry for the redundancy my browser didn't load all the posts on this thread till i attached my massive message mesa sowwy Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ Honda CR125M
  8. IMHO i'd go for it they retail for about $1299.00 ish I got mine for 900 NIB and wouldn't consider selling it for double that, as far as your question about the pistol grip, yes all M1 pistolgrip stocks work with the practical,because its a standard M1 action just make sure to check the chokes to ensure there in good condition and make sure the threading on the barrel itself is in good condition and clean, also make sure it comes with the choke tube wrench, it doubles as a thread cleaner for the barrel which is very important when you shoot alot also check to see if he has
  9. if you shoot a rifled slug through a rifled barrel it can indeed damage the riflings inside the barrel, on the basic's of rifled slugs such as my personal choice *the Brenneke KO* have a preset spin rate set by the angle of the "fins" if you will on the sides of the slug, if the spin rate isn't the same as the twist rate as your rifled barrel then it could damage spots in the riflings where the slug spins over them it all breaks down into knowing the twist ratio of the barrel and of the slug and which direction either is going, ..simple rule of thumb is to just use common slugs for your rifle
  10. Hello everyone i was just curious to see if anyone might would have an old beat up forearm grip lying around for the M1 Series i have a few idea's to work on and adjust to the forearm and would like to get an extra so that i don't damage the orignal that came with my weapon, lemme know if you have any or anythoughts thanks for your time Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ K1200RS
  11. Wulf

    deer hunting

    well what we think is "best" and what is normal to what your use to may be 2 different worlds, case and point, i brought home a M1 Practical for an all around weapon, i can plug it to hunt turkey or put a rifled choke in it use slugs and hunt deer or just go outside and pop off 10 rounds non stop just for the fun using light loads and a coffe can as a target, first time my Father looked at that weapon he refused to even consdider the idea of it being a hunting weapon because it has too many "tactical" addons" however to me, the most important thing to a weapon initially is how it feels when yo
  12. nice description there M1014 considering you just named off about half the options on my Practical soundsl like you like to mix and match alot I love interchangeable systems oh M1 check with your local laws when you add the +2 extension and plugs for hunting or comp shooting *and in some cases regular range shooting* to see what the allow, i've actually been to a few places that wouldn't allow over 5 and thats counting the 1 in the chamber any ways good luck and enjoy Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ ZN1300A
  13. if yours is detachable i would imagne that you could take it to a steel working shop or a mechanic's shop and get them to custom make you one, onlything would be important is the inner and outer diameter and the threading on the top and how the lower is done be it threading or what not just an idea Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ KTM 300EXC
  14. oh bless you bless you bless you the manual i got with my M1 Practical was the generic M1 manual in 3 different languages it didn't even mention my guns name in it once i don't think *then again i read it rather hastely* very nice find thank you again once again Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ YSR80
  15. have you tried his 2 piece tube in your gun? i know its very dependant on the gun but some come with a fixed 5 and others come at 4shells then you can cap that *which is even with the pump on semi or pump or you can put an extension on it 1 2 3 4 what ever you want, ..IMHO i'd try it and see how you liked his on yours as far as the difference in metal to alloy i really don't think its going to add up to that much weight but i can't swear to either of them being one or the other Wulf Lupinus Nobilitas ________ vapir no2 vaporizer
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