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  1. U have to remove the trigger group assembly...& it unscrews(The whole stock)....Unless I' not comprehending your actions & u'v already done so...:-)
  2. For $1025......he should'a had it hand delivered by one of this years Playboy PlayMates....With a hand full a Viagras ta feed em!...:-)
  3. StarLynx

    Need Help !

    Ya might contact TROMIX of Oklahoma.....I have his address somewher...he has a website..try a search of TROMIX Weapons or Tromix Saiga Tactical Shotguns or other..He can most probably make the parts you need better than factory....I'll try to asap his web address to you when I get to Hm base..The Owner & Gunsmith s name is Tony..& if he can't do it..nobody can...He owns & makes just about every type & style of Tactical SG & Title 3 weapon there is... Stay Safer! Wade
  4. Seriuosly Injured????...Did some flake shoot @ a Benelli CS Person???.... Stay Safer!
  5. I presently own or have full control of,,2 M4 11707 s & 2 M3 Benelli Tac SGs...& I only wish that all My Girlfriends,COs'/Supervisors & ex wives were just half as sweet & reliable ... Stay Safer! Wade
  6. Hey LT!!...Good ta hear from ya!...How's the Stock fit?? I called up Benelli..& requested one..the very nice Benelli CS Person..stated that she would have 4 to six available in about a week..& she would put my name on one....I had it in less than three days..came with 4 chokes..Ribbed..& a nite Glo front site..Sure is **** on Texas Blue Quail & Dove..A skeet bust'n Muther,too!! I think I sent ya a pic of it when I sent ya the stock.. Stay Safer! Wade
  7. I've seen a few on AR15.com..THR...The Firing Line...Sig.com...{Forums}...The M2..& probable a designated M1..I think..Let one of the pros' here confirm it...will fit a M3 Benelli.......I just sold one to a real great guy on a local PD in Florida... Stay Safer! Wade
  8. ..What M1014 said..works great..I used a 1200 watt heat gun..when it reached 400+ degrees Farenhiet(Sp?)..{according to a Laser pointed Thermo}.it unscrew'd with one gloved hand...with great amazing ease...I wouldn't use any pliers/channellocks..etc...the stuff benelli uses to secure it in place..gets soft @ aprox 400 Degrees.. Stay Safer! Wade [ 10-28-2006, 09:28 PM: Message edited by: StarLynx ]
  9. Throw in a Six foot brunete {6 feet high NOT six footed & preferably human female}....with legs up to er neck...& ya got ya self a deal....
  10. WingBone Says"I'm broke so I'll trade you a half pack of smokes and a bag of potato chips (cool ranch even) fer it! " Aww man!!..I'm try'n ta quit!..& too much cholestral & Starch makes me fart & Piss's off my crew when in the confinements of the Chopper..Heh!!! M1014....ya already know who Luvs ya the best,man!! Who duz it sweeter'n & neater with less peter!! LOL!!!!
  11. The last time me & my crew went hunt'n in mexico...we were hunt'n Federalels...Federal judicial LEOs on the payroll of the cartels...Sure was a lott'a fun!!!...The looks on their faces when a BlkHwk landed in their front yards & a bunch'a Nasty Boys piled out'a the bird & drag'd em from their comfy little Ranch-casa living rooms...was ...Priceless....heh-heh!
  12. ...A one..A two ..A threeee.....Hit it... Evreee tymmmme we go ta townnnnn...... M1014 kicks Ir'e Dawg ahrownnnnnnn....... Whoooohaaa!. Yeah..Yeah..I know...too much time on my hands...All ma paperworks done...& I'm bored... Back ta tha field,man-yana... [ 10-16-2006, 11:31 PM: Message edited by: StarLynx ]
  13. OK..I'll let the barrel go for $200 + shipping... Or..trade me somethin' kewl!! [email protected]
  14. Doesn't that SBE have a place for a mount??..If so..If your gonn'a shoot a lot of slugs & ya want Sniper "Like " hits...ya might wann'a try an optical site.. I put a Kobra site that has 4 different chevrons & can pop the **** out'a golfballs out pass'd a 100 yards....After that ...they hit like artillary shells anyways....
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