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Just registered, couple questions


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I currently own a M3S90 and a Super Sport. In the past I owned a M121 that I still kick myself for selling, and I want to get something else.


I want to get a M2S90 entry gun and shorten the barrel to 10". I have seen pictures of the M4 entry guns, and whilst they are nice, I like the old system of the M2 better, and it would seem easier to shorten without the gas system.


However, I would like to know if the M4 stock fits on the M2. I figure I know the answer already, but I would like it confirmed.


Also, have there been any M3S90 SBR "kits" Imported into the U.S. as I figure that is another option, but the shortening could be expensive if I have to use the stock components.


Thank you in advance, happy to finally be here!:D

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Cant post pictures yet, but lemme get to five posts and I'll show the old collection. Beautiful engraving!:D


so, anybody heard of a M4 stock on anything but a M4? How about the functioning of the collapsing feature. I know you need a new Buffer tube for it to work properly.

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