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Scope for Supernova


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If you hunt in any type of thick brushy areas, I'd go with the lower powered scope. You'll appreciate the 1x powered scopes ability to find the deer in the thick stuff. Hardly ever turn my 1.75x6 Leupold over 3 or 4 power. It's nice to have the higher power once in awhile, but when hunting, it's almost always at the lowest setting. The scope will also "gather" more light at the lower power, allowing you to hunt a few minutes longer... Good luck, sounds like a great combo!

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Guest bravejone

Hello friends,

GRAS-9 was used to take a confirmation of this suspected supernova SN 2009 km discovered by the Catalina Real-Time Transit Survey.I like what I see so far on the capability of this instrument. This was, in fact, my second image. The day before I used it for SN 2009jz.A single 180 second exposure brought out this supernova which is around 18th magntiude.

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