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  1. Have Blue Force Gear slings on my guns.
  2. BG, Thanks for the reply. I see we're almost neighbors. Fully aware of a shotgun's limits and range. Just need a taller rear sight to bring my shots to center at 50 yds. After some research, considering other open sights that will fit the existing dovetail. All the best, Bill
  3. Does the M1 shotgun rear open rifle sight come in different heights to adjust elevation? I need a taller rear sight and would rather not file the front sight down. Just in case... Does anyone know the size dovetail Benelli uses in case I gotta make one? Thanks!
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, looks like the shell rim is impacting on ejection. I'm wondering it the extractor and/or ejector could be tweeked to cause the shell to clear that rail. Hopefully...
  5. GoBow

    Deer Shotgun

    I hunt deer in some pretty tight spots with an M1, 18" barrel and iron sights. Distances from close out to 50-75 yards; could take a shot out to 100 yds if I had to. Shoot Federal foster slugs, cheap enough. Best of luck to ya.
  6. I stand corrected, Thanks!
  7. Don't know about that. I contacted Shaw a couple years ago and they told me that they made SBE barrels with open sights. Had some sort of problem with the sights, so them quit making them that way. Also said that they made SBE barrels with 1/28" and 1/36" twist rifling.
  8. I bought my SBE slug gun for this exact reason. I'm very pleased with it's accuracy. A Vinci should be the same. Best of luck!
  9. Light firing pin strikes cause me to think that a bolt dis assembly and cleaning is in order. Excess grease or oil in the firing pin might be suspect. I like everything associated with the firing pin to be almost bone dry. Barely a hint of oil on a cleaning patch, then wipe everything down. This is one area that dryer is better. Good luck!
  10. Instead of modding the lifter, I've trained to load with my thumb bent 90 degrees. Thumb knuckle rides along the lifter, push the shell w/tip of thumb. Saves ya from the "pinch". Try it!
  11. BM, both of my HK Benellis are like that. They are older models. I keep everything clean and lubed, no problems. Best of luck with your's!
  12. Have used them for years, love `em! Not too good on rifled barrels though...
  13. Sounds like your M1 has barrel mounted open sights. In order to have Ghost Ring Sights, you'd need to mount a new rear sight on the receiver and purchase a new barrel with the higher mounted front sight. My M1 has the open sights and I prefer them over GRS.
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