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Optics for M4, best sling, and good shell pouch?


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After researching on these forums a bit, I found several people recommend this sling: http://www.spectergear.com/benelli_cqb_sling.htm The sight has no mention of an M4, but I'm assuming it's compatible as well?

Also, I'm looking to possibly con my wife into getting me some sort of optic sight for my M4 for Christmas... Anyone have one outfitted that they like? Red dot, perhaps?

Finally, anyone have any butt stock shell holders that they recommend? The ones on the site above look pretty good, but again, not mention of M4's so I'm hoping they're compatible.

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I use Specter Gear slings on all my long arms. The Benelli sling on their site works perfectly for the M4. I use the buttstock shell holder as the rear attachment point.


For optics there are a lot of Aimpoint T-1 fans around here and quite a few like the Burris Fast Fire II. I just run Meprolight tritium irons at the moment but here's a pic of my M4 with an Aimpoint Ml 3 it also shows my light set up.

the second pic shows the pressure switch on the left side.


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Wow, that is one sexy set up. How did you get the picattany rails set up like that on your Benelli? That light looks perfect.


The rail system is made by Sidearmor




There's a lot of info on this site now about Sidearmor. just put it in as a site search. Here's a pic of the light from the top:






Hookster :)

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That looks like a good setup, but a little pricey for me now. I've searched flashlight threads on this forum quite a bit now, and am surprised at how difficult it is to get one for the M4. It seems that no company makes one specifically for the M4, which is shocking because it is issued to Marines. I would like to just put one to the right or left side of my weapon with minimal additions to the actual gun.

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