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SuperNova and scope mounts


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Me and my brother-in-law both just purchased

new Supernovas w/comfortech stocks, APG camo, and the rifled slug barrel. Using it for deer hunting, looking for the camo mount shown in catalog.


Im looking completely thru the "2008" catalog and it seems to be conflicting as to what scope mount to use.


On page 40 it shows that the barrel is drilled and tapped, and that the SBE II, M2 and SuperNova models will accept the Weaver 93-A base(bottom left of page), yet the scopes shown next to this say that the base will fit only the SBEII and M2 only. Also on page 59 in "08" catalog (top right) it says the 93-A base only fits SBEII and M2.


So which base do I use, and does anyone know where I can get it in APG Camo pattern..I would buy this from benelli but it doesnt state clearly where to get it...any suggestions?


thanks for your help.

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Welcome to the forum Ralph!


I don't know the particulars of OEM Benelli Super Nova mounts but you could get a Sidearmor Super Nova rail and mount whatever you want





Hookster :)

HEY HOOKSTA!! when's sidearmor gonna send you your sales commision check for all the sales rep'ing you've been doing??:D

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