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  1. so Vertigo, which pic is the 3-rd extention? and any places you know of that has a full length high cap tube in stock for my SNT? thanx TS
  2. Does anyone possibly make a full length hi cap tube for this SNT?
  3. Iam putting together a SNT with C-stock for a buddy. Ive found a 2-rd but Iam also trying to find a short enough 3-rd ext tube or possibly having 1 made. are there any 6-rd side saddles with rails out there that will fit it? thanks Ts
  4. 10 round mag max? HaHa.... you should all move out of your Anti-gun NAZI states!!
  5. To be honest and i just knew it was going to get ugly. bm4sbs you were beat by 1 minute thru a p.m. telling me the other person wanted to buy this barrel. He did not post in the thread to keep him as an anonymous buyer. But in fact the thread metioned contacting me by p.m. I tried to be fair on how i was going to sell it. And in fact the 1st person whom contacted me got to purchase it. Please feel free at this point to have a benelli moderator pull my pm's and check the time stamps as i have nothing to hide. And in the future maybe you should grow up a little when purchasing stuff online. I politely explained how it went down to you via pm and you still whined about it here.......
  6. You should have had the "Benelli Forum" eye-phone app. and all pm's have been answered.
  7. As the title says..... i have a brand new Benelli OEM M4/M1014 12 ga. 14" tactical barrel with ghost ring sights for sale. 600$ shipped to your door. I bought 2 a few yrs ago and only needed one. This one is brand new having never been installed on anything. I'll post pics once Momma brings the digital camera home from church tonight. P.M. me if interested. It'll also be posted on G.B. soon. TS
  8. My neighbor has been looking for an 18.5" tactical barrel for his M2. Anyone selling one or know who has them for sale?
  9. Texas sure does!! So come on down Beretta and Benelli!! Leave those anti-gun NAZI states!!
  10. All you Conservative minded gun/Benelli owning nuts COME ON DOWN!! Welcome to Texas!! As for you knuckleheads that voted in those other Knuckleheads in Coolaide-Rado, Stay right where you are as you DESERVE what you get! You RUINED your state so stay out of ours.....
  11. Of course you'd say that Pirate!! cause now no one will buy your C-stocks!! HaHa...
  12. The Enola Gay needs to be recomissioned and given new orders to head towards Crazifornia!!
  13. Um i'm confused...... Hookster living in Crazifornia having voted for wrinkles Pelosi!!
  14. Here's a little tip......that ammo on the table in the pic is a tad bit too small for your M4!!
  15. Yuppers I hate the weather here too. but since Hookster keeps voting in Pelosi over there, I'll have to stay away!! HaHa
  16. and none of what i stated was a cheap shot Rocket, it is actually happening there. I do still love my home state but have NO desire to raise my 2 little ones in it. The only thing that state has left is a few good folks like yourself and the good weather. Oh and more people have left Ca and more have actually moved to Texas out of all 50 states. Not to mention I can fire my "Legal" full auto M4 and/or "Legal" Bazooka if i could find one...Ha Ha
  17. L'dOL!! guess you have'nt been a member here very long!! I was born and raised for 40 yrs in STUPIDFORNIA and only moved away 5 yrs ago. I Know more about that Stupid state than you'll ever know!! Oh and Hey.... welcome to the forum!!
  18. Yup!! or just give it back to Mexico. cause that state will NEVER turn its self around till it STOPS voting in Libtards!! Now with cities filing for Bankruptcy.....that's just neat!!
  19. Thanks for being a wet blanket Suky!!
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