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First post here, so be bear with me. I've asked this question on some other forums and have never gotten IMHO a good answer. Here goes.....


I have a left handed SBE 1 and I love it. I've not really used any of my other shotguns in years. because of this gun. It's not the early, early model that floats the 4th shell. It looks just like the earliest models but it's got the triangular safety and a low or level vent rib. My buddy has the essentially the same gun I do but a few years older and it has a high or stepped vent rib.


My question is this........why did Benelli go to the stepped rib???? What is the "science" behind it if any??? If I could find another left handed SBE 1 with the low vent rib, I'd buy it in an instant. Thanks in advance!!!:D

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