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Benelli Vinci Cleaning


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Recently purchased a Benelli Vinci and fired it for the first 100 rounds, definitely an awesome shotgun! Never had a shotgun with removable chokes or made from composite materials. Could anyone give me some advice on the following questions?


1. Should I remove the choke tube when cleaning the barrel?


2. Should I use any particular oil or lubricant to clean the shotgun (Benelli recommends their own cleaning kit and oil, however are there any alternatives if that is not available?)


3. Are brushes recommended to clean the shotgun? (which parts?)


4. Is there a special cleaning solution/oil for the choke tubes?


5. Or should I just scratch the aforementioned questions, and just clean it like any other shotgun?



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No experience with the Venci, but to answer your choke questions, Take them out when you clean the barrel, id clean them with brake clean and if necessary, a brass brush, then oil with rem oil. There is a synthetic safe gun scrubber that i prefer to use that for all i have seen does an adequate job of cleaning. Hope this helps

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Basically, clean it like any other shortun with an artificial stock


Clean the barrel with the choke tube in. I use a bore snake and cleaning swabs for drying and oiling. The bore snake has a wire brush built in.


Then remove the choke tube and run a patch round the inside of the barrel to clean the choke tube threads. Now clean the choke tube threads and body, then add a little bit of graphite choke tube lube and spread it on the threads and when you screw it back in, it'll work the grease into the barrel threads too.



The Benelli oil/cleaner is good but I also use the Pro Shot products. I use separate cleaner and oil,, so it takes two passes for me. I like a little light gun grease where the bolt runs in the action as well. A combination product is a bit quicker.


- hope that helps


Uncle Russ

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