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  1. No experience with the Venci, but to answer your choke questions, Take them out when you clean the barrel, id clean them with brake clean and if necessary, a brass brush, then oil with rem oil. There is a synthetic safe gun scrubber that i prefer to use that for all i have seen does an adequate job of cleaning. Hope this helps
  2. T Man

    Nova misfiring

    not to add fuel to the fire, but isnt this the guy running a cryo choke in his nova?
  3. How bout some pics of the european ducks. Season is shut down here for 2 weeks for doe season. It was sucking anyway. A straight month of sub freezing temperatures has about 4" of ice on top of every pond and strip pit around, and the few inches of snow on top of that makes it prime time to sit in the house and talk about the way things used to be
  4. Shot them in western kansas.
  5. One of the few times it would be handy to own a bow
  6. T Man

    1070 miles

    Congratulations! Is that your first band?
  7. My first greenhead My Dogs first point and retrieve
  8. A ticket and 2 warnings for 1 hen pintail
  9. Im down in S.E. Kansas. How long is your season open? May have a few guys and myself interested. Shoot me an email [email protected]
  10. T Man

    Barrel lube?

    yep. after youve cleaned it run a few patches through with some rem oil on them and youre good to go.
  11. T Man

    Cryo choke in an M1?

    Yeah, im kinda with you. Ive got the recipt so no biggie
  12. T Man

    Goose Calls

    We went earlier this season and after the reed broke in our RNT we turned to a Buck Gardner Canada Hammer. It worked great, and it almost seemed to get more of a response than the RNT
  13. Not having a cabellas around I had a friend of mine get me a choke before he came down to hunt. I wanted an extended choke in a modified (mid-range). He ended up getting me an SBEII M2 Cryo choke. This thing screws into my gun completly, and seats in the bottom of the choke well, but im a little concerned with how far out it sticks. There is around 3/4" sticking out of the barrel before the hatched portion that is supposed to be sticking out of the barrel. The question. Will this be alright? Will I do any damage to the choke, or more importantly the shotgun (and possibly myself)? Thanks T
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