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SBE II Question

Takem Sculling

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My SBE and myself took a dip in the North Atlantic (not a New Years Tradition Planned on Continuing) Stripped and clean(both of us) however cannot get the trigger assembly to align with holes to insert the pin Appears to be a pinch to low and cannot get the assembly up any further Gun is only 5 days old and my first Benelli so I really am hoping that it's operator error and not mfg


Anyone for opinion/$0.02




Takem Sculling

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Takem Sculling,


Are you depressing the carrier button on the right side of the receiver when you are assembling the trigger guard?


The other issue to look for is the trigger guard has a lip that attaches to the outside and on top of the receiver, and then you sort of hinge the back of the trigger guard downward into place.


Is the shim that touches the metal receiver bulged or bent upwards in the middle when the trigger guard was removed?


If yes, you can use a very small (think eye glasses) screwdriver or a use a spark plug gauge tool and used it as if it was a shoehorn to put the trigger assembly back into place.


My SBEII had the problem of the bulge in the middle when the trigger guard was removed. Over a period of several cleanings (removing/installing the trigger guard), I no longer have to use the "shoehorn".


Regards threeshot

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did you tighten the stock to tight and thats why it will not fit in. I had a buddy that did that. back the 11mm off a little and see if that works. I belive its an 11mm if not its 13mm, its the nut under the shoulder pad. Same place you adjust the shims. i belive its only suppose to be 22lbs to torque(sp?).



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