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1988 Montefeltro HK Chantilly Va QUESTION


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I have a 1988 Montefeltro that has functioned flawlessly for 22 years.

Question #1.. Where can I find the older model choke tubes for this gun as I believe the threads changed sometime in early 90s. Some scoundrel stole my case of tubes leaving me with only the IC tubes that was in the gun.


Question #2.. I had a shooter tell me this gun needs washers like his SBE. I think not as it never had them.


Thanks from a new forum member

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wow,,thats cool you have such a vintage Benelli,,,you have owned it all this time,,you know what it does and doesn't need ,,as for choke tubes,,didn't know they changed threads in the early 90s,,try gunbroker and numrich parts house,,last ditch effort,,google,,show us a pic of your vintage beauty.

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This old Monte uses choke tubes that are silver in color and the threads were not threaded all the way to the back end of the tube.

The black in color tubes(newer) have the same threads , but do not fully seat as the black tubes have threads that are threaded all the way to the back end of the tube.

I know, sounds a bit confusing.

So I am in search of these silver tubes.

If my memory is correct this change occurred in the early 1990s.

What a great shotgun. It has dropped ducks,geese, quail, pheasants, turkeys, doves and holds its own shooting clays.

Wish I had bought two

I will try to get the Mrs to post a picture, my computer skills are slightly above the Amish, apologies to the Amish.

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my computer skills aint so great either,,anyways,,I bought this ported after market choke from this gunshow down here and it would fit my 2000 and 2002 barrels but not my 1997 barrel..really wierd,,not all aftermarket chokes intended for a certain manufacture fit,

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