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Red dot scope for my SBE


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Does anyone have any experience with Red dot sights/scopes? I want to mount one on my SBE slug barrel but I'm not sure this is the best way to go. Please include brands and experiences. I probably will be making a decision based on the information received here.

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I can't speak with much experience at all, but I just put a red dot on my SBE turkey gun. It's real simple to install one, and worked very well the times I've patterned with it. Mine isn't a real fancy red dot either... it shows a simple 5 mil dot (I prefer that over the large dots or fancy cross hair/circle/multiple reticle sights). I'm a natural both eyes open shooter anyway, so that wasn't any change for me but it might be if your not used to it. My advice (probably different than most folks) would be to get a cheap(er) model of red dot and see if it *fits* the way you shoot. If it does, then look into getting something that has all the bells and whistles if you feel you want something better. The cheap dot can then become your *back up*, or even a loaner for folks you know who are thinking of getting one.

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