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  1. Wow.... Let someone gripe about substandard equipment and it's like buzzards on a meat wagon. Glad you guys are still acting like morons when it comes to folks saying anything bad about Benelli.
  2. It shouldn't be a big deal to get a gunsmith to drill and tap it for a weaver mount. The steady grip models use a Weaver #93, and the only thing I didn't like about mine at all was the #93's only came in a gloss finish. A little sand paper and some paint hooked it right up. I use a red dot on mine, but that's just my preference. Some folks like fiber optic, some like scopes... you get the picture. The Weaver mount will hold what ever type of scope or dot you decide on though.
  3. Laz, this guy is just a hater. He's walked the fine line with insults for WEEKS now... and one of these days he's going to step over. He's just a blow hard with no point - lots of name calling - and no business sense. Moderators - can we get an ignore button built into this board? Better yet, the next insult and I start contacting those moderators listed and reporting posts. I'm tired of not being able to enjoy this forum because of the actions of one person.
  4. Don't kill me if this is unnecessary info, but when I put my #93 mount on my SBE, I had one heck of a time getting the screws out. I dern near broke a small screw driver and was at wits end. As a last resort I tried turning 2 of the 4 screws in the tighten direction (my goal was to clear the threads) and low and behold they turned right out and came out the *inside*. If yours are VERY tight as 2 of mine were, try running them right out through the inside. Might work if needed.
  5. There are a few differences between the two. The SBE2 has a recoil reducing system built into the stock, a different shape to the forearm and trigger guard, a different texture to the stock (airtouch), a crio treated barrel and a different(?) recoil spring and guide (something about corrosion resistant/easier to remove clean). Nothing notable changed in the action from what I've heard. I know hwat you mean with the non-need for 3 1/2s, I'm the same way. I have a SBE and don't have any complaints with the gun for the most part. If I was in the market now, I'd hold each one and see which fit better. You may also not like the *feel* of the SBE2, or you may prefer it over the SBE. Won't know till you try 'em.
  6. Yeah, nice try M1014... You throw insults, treat folks like idiots... and then wanna play 4th grade games... Dude, grow up, learn some business sense and quit acting like the gun world revolves around YOU... Again, if YOU are what Benelli IS as a company... I feel very sorry for their future.
  7. Yet again, exactly what I expected... Because YOU don't have any issues, then no one else should have any issues... I don't care if Benelli's ONLY problem is email from customer service... if it's a PROBLEM - it should get FIXED. Or, they could take YOUR advice, and pretend nothing is wrong. You obviously know SO much about customer service... call the customer names, pretend nothing is wrong, tell them they don't deserve your product... act like an idiot... yeah, I'd want to do business with you. M1014 -- you are a FINE example of what Benelli better not become, or they WILL become a second rate company...
  8. Well I tell ya what M1014, your response is what I expected before I even opened this thread. Your so bent on defending Benelli that if they took a turd and shaped it like a shotgun... you'd be first in line to buy one. I on the other hand would like to actually help Benelli become a better company. If complaining about poor customer service, poor workmanship and the piss poor attitude of those involved with Bennelli can be CHANGED... they would have the best company the gun world has ever seen. Instead, some folks, like you, would rather sit back and hide behind your little dreams of how good Benelli is. As I said before... they (Benelli) can do what ever they want, but they'll do it without another gun purchase from me until the problems within the company are FIXED.
  9. From the little I've been able to read on these chokes the M2, SBE 2 and the Extrema use the optima plus choke system, so the choke tube(s) would not interchange with the SBE. There has to be someone out there who can verify this right or wrong though... I hate to give an answer like this off of what one web site says.
  10. Thanks for looking into this Montefeltro. Just for the record, the email wasn't bounced back, just never answered. I'm very glad to hear warranty work would still get done, but how was I supposed to know. I couldn't very well write an email and ask... Hopefully this can get resolved with a little more attentive customer service and it'll be nothing more than something that *used* to happen. [ 06-05-2004, 10:12 PM: Message edited by: BenelliShooter ]
  11. Um, thanks for the informative input. Where would GM or Ford be if they pulled this with customer service... out of work! Where would Dell or Gateway be if THEY pulled stuff like this... out of work!!! But because it's almighty Benelli I'm supposed to chance not correctly filling out a warranty card because of a question they WON'T answer??? Yeah, I see EXACTLY where I'm wrong... Yeah, big deal if the number is wrong, they probably wouldn't accept the gun for repair anyway... why would they repair a gun if they won't answer an EMAIL!!!
  12. LOL. Yeah, I know it looks like a simple form, and for the most part is was... all except for the correct model number of a SBE steady grip. I used the number I found on the web site (10140 or something like that...), but it would have been nice for Benelli to get off of their *ahem's* and actually ANSWER a simple question. I mean really, after spending THAT kind of money for a product I expect, no, I demand(!) better customer service! BTW, the model number was not mentioned or printed on anything I got as far as paperwork... and I've even got the original cardboard shipping box. It's just sad when a great gun maker cares so little about the folks who buy the product...
  13. Just noticed this... and it sounds pretty gimicky to me! (Just MY thoughts...) First off, I can speak from first hand knowledge that the Benelli series, mine is a SBE, are VERY finicky about choke tubes AND shot size. One tube and shot size will pattern great in one SBE... like dookie in another SBE. I also tend to dismiss *adds* that say they found the magic cure all choke tube for ANY gun. Just my thoughts...
  14. Just to set the record straight, MOST of the complaints are about Benelli's customer service... NOT about the waiting time for anything. The new gun is a good seller, and of course the production can't even begin to keep up with demand. Like I've said in the other thread, Benelli shotguns are the best made (MY OPINION), but the customer service will keep me from ever buying another.
  15. I said it before, and I'll say it again... Benelli shotguns are the nicest I've ever seen. The one I own will be the first and last simply because of the lack of support with even the smallest things. I'm STILL waiting for an email response on my question about how to properly warranty register mine... I sent the email almost 2 months ago.
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