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I have a friend who wants to sell me his M3.

1. What is a good price?

2. Is it legal in California?

3. Pros and Cons of the M3.



1. How good of a friend is this? What's the condition of the gun?

2. Is anything legal in California?

3a. Pros = Benelli name/reputation, shoots pump or auto with the flick of a switch.

3b. Cons = Accessories are scarce (try finding a reasonably priced collapsible/folding stock), prices the average seller sells 'em for is approx. the same as a new M4.

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I don't know what you want out of the gun but if there isn't a reason why you'd want the pump function you might want to think about just getting an M4. I haven't fired an M3 but have picked them up and didn't really care for the feel. The forearm felt so far forward but that's just me.


As far as your questions


1. Here's a gunbroker page showing a range of prices




2. Yes. CA legal as long as it doesn't have a folding stock


3 Like Dookey said...not many accessories available and I've always thought the dual function might be distracting if the gun was being used under stress


Take Care,


Hookster :)

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