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Drilled and tapped receivers for Super/Nova tacticals?


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This is my first posting on this site. I have read threads from it though, from time to time, and it is very informative with some very knowledgeable members.


My questions is:


Are all Nova or SuperNova tactical shotguns drilled and tapped for an accessory rail on the receiver, or only on certain models?


I have seen pictures of the different Novas with accessory rails on top, and have read this is a feature, but I can't find any for sale. And I haven't seen any for sale at the local toy stores, so I haven't been able to handle one in person.

Do the Nova/SuperNova shotguns have a certain extra model number or name designation to denote that they have been drilled and tapped? I have an extra red dot scope laying around and I would really like to stick it on a shotgun.


Also, do the Nova/SuperNova tacticals have a magazine cut off so you can empty the chamber without popping another shell onto the lifter?


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.




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The last question is easier than the first.

Older model Novas may not be drilled and tapped.

I believe all of the SNT's are, but I could be wrong. This would be a very good reason to call Benelli and get some clarification on which models/serials are drilled and tapped.


As for the cartridge bypass feature....



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