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WTS SuperNova 12ga with lots of extras!


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I am looking to sell my Benelli SuperNova. I bought it new 2.5 years ago and am going to upgrade to a Browning Maxus. Going by the serial number, it was made in 2003. It is in Advantage Max-4 with a 26" Barrel. I have all the paperwork, box, and shims that came with the gun. I also have quite a few choke tubes that I'd like to sell along with the gun. The gun has wear on the grip and on the magazine tube where the forearm slides along. The inside of the barrel is spotless as I have babied this gun for as long as I've owned it. It gets cleaned everytime it is shot. I use Gunslick Foaming Bore Cleaner for the barrel and run a boresnake through. It is mirror clean. I bought a brand new Long Range Patternmaster for the gun on 2/20/10 and have shot 4 shots through it and have the package it came in along with the receipt. I also have 2 Carlson Extended Sporting Clays chokes (Modified & Full) and 1 Carlson Extended steel shot choke (Extended Range .695). Along with the choke tubes, I have another recoil pad from Benelli that is the same as the M2 and SBEII use. I also have a Hi-viz green FO bead installed because I did not like the big red that came with the gun. I still have the original red bead that came with it also. I am the only owner of the gun and have taken great care of it as this is my only shotgun. I would rate this gun at 92-94% overall.

Here are a few pics.





Here is a list of what is all included:

Benelli SuperNova 26" Advantage Max-4

3 Factory Chokes (IC,Mod,Full)

1 Truglo Gobble Stopper Turkey Choke (.665)

1 Long Range Patternmaster (Silver)

2 Recoil Pads

2 Fiber Optic Front Beads

2 Carlson Extended Sporting Clays Chokes (Mod, Full)

1 Carlson Extended Steel Shot Choke (.695)

Original Box

Owners Manual



I would like to get $510 Shipped to your FFL


PM me with any questions.

I can send additional pics upon request of what you want to see

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