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SuperNova 26" Barrel- Need Tactical Night Sights- What are my Options?


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Hello Everyone, I need a Tritium Fiber Optic Night Sight System for my SuperNova for Coyote Night Hunting. All I can find are Ghost Ring Setups for SuperNovas and Novas that came from the Factory as the Tactical Version with Ghost Rings. All I really want is the Front Bead, a Mid Bead would not hurt if it came in the kit but it is not necessary. The Site MUST Work in Complete Darkness. I can find some stuff from Meprolight but I cannot find which one will fit the SuperNova.

Any suggestions and Links would be Extremely Helpful! I want the Brightest Available and if Possible a Tactical Version where the Animal or Intruder on the other side of the barrel cannot See the Light ( Exactly Like the TruGlo Tactical Tritium/ Fiber Optic Front Sight- Which only works for round barrels that need to be drilled and tapped- They said they are working on a Version for Ribbed Barrels but they don't know when it will be available.)

Thanks in Advance!

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I guess I will have to share the info for people who are interested in night hunting. Thought someone on here was going to help me out or hook up a link.....I will post as soon as the info is attained from my gun dealer and once the part is on my gun. I will include a field report with the post as well.

Had a coyote hanging up at 50 yards last night, could not get it to commit to my mojo critter, and I did not want to take the shot without the night sight on my gun. Clean or Nothing for me.


Hunt Hard and Be Safe!:D

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