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Ok, so I've got all of my stuff ready for tomorrow, and I come back to this?



I looked back through your posts and figured out that you have an SBE2, correct?


Assuming you're trying to remove the bolt handle...

Remove the forend cap and forend. The forend will hang a bit as it slides off, so a good solid tug is in order.

Now remove the barrel and bolt assembly from the gun.

The bolt will now drop out without having to remove the bolt handle.

If you still want to remove the bolt handle, grab it and pull it out. It comes out much easier once the bolt is out.

If it's still sticking, wrap a shoelace around it and pull on that while holding the bolt down.


Is Kip going too?


[ 09-02-2005, 10:00 PM: Message edited by: tucker301 ]

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yah kip went but i shot with my 18 gauge so he didnt make it..... na i went to the same spot i went to thur. but i didnt even see a limit there wasnt even 5 birds in the sky.... i got 1.... i effed up and bought low-base shells and meh girl was hanging up every round i shot so it really didnt matter


PS. i figured out the pull the bolt out wit he the barrel/fore arm thing when i was cleaning my gun.


thanks for the help. cant wait till duck season. then my nelli will be broke in....

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