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rattling noise in the super sport


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my super sport has rattling noise coming from the bolt area?My cordoba is tight as a drum compared to the super sport.Has anyone experienced this with their super sport or any benelli auto he or she owns?I know the benelli autos have some rattling noise in their actions,But this super sport is very loose and loud it is very disturbing.I have not shot it yet.I don't know if i will.I'll probably just end up selling it.I love my cordoba,best shotgun i ever had period.Any info would be greatly appreciated on the super sport.Thanks....Steve.

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The Inertia spring shifts back and forth inside the bolt.

It is perfectly normal and proper.


Take some time to disassemble the bolt group and become familiar with how things go together in there.


It's very easy to take apart and put back together.

The instructions in my [/url]SBE Cleaning Guide apply equally to your Supersport.


Welcome to the forums!

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