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I finally got my hands on some H13 #7 3.5 inch. I was amazed at the patterns, at 42 yds with a range finder I put 309 and 299 in a ten inch cirlce. Im shooting a SBE2 with a 24 " bbl and a .660 Jellyhead choke. I just need to slide my sights over a tad and will be all set. I would post a pic but can figure out how.

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I picked up some Hevi-13 #7's in 3.5" yesterday. Here is a shot @ 40 yards w/ Jelly Head. 338 hits. Last week the WIN XR #6's were 153 hits. The POI was a little off (the smaller dot was my best guess at the range of the pattern center). The shells are almost the same price so I think I'll be switching :D. Hope this helps.



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