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  1. I plan on traveling to Virginia in 3 weeks does any one have any in sight to off..i think i am starting somewhere in the George Washington National Forest... Thanks Greg
  2. i have not tried the mag blend but have had good numbers and field experience with both 3 and 3.5 inch xr #6
  3. congrats nice way to start off the season
  4. i will agree with mudhen ...although number are higher with em the xr rocks em alot harder.... i have killed a few with each, em and xr and the xr kills have never left a turkey flopping from 5 to 40 yds .. the em kills have never been a real smasher on the turkeys... i would like to try some mag blend with the 1200 fps
  5. i get right around 300 in the 10 inch circle with a primos jelly head and hevi 13 #7 in my 24 inch barrel and the onlything i have tried with the 26 inch barrel is hevi13 #6 and a primos jelly head and get right around 225 both shells are 3.5 " 2.25 oz

  6. what choke and load do you get the best pattern with out of your SBEII? my best is with a I.C.665 and win. xtend range 3.5" 2oz #6, I average 170 in a 10" circle .I'm gonna get a hold of Rob Roberts and see about a final strut choke.

  7. mudhen how much of a varience to you really see between h13 loads in regards to your POI, right now i am shooting the 2 1/4 oz number 7s and had to add a fast fire 2 because i was shooting about 8 inches to the right but with the win xtended range 2 oz 6s i was shooting right on....is this normal...i also shoot a sbe2 with a jellyhead
  8. pretty much anything that you use will do the job at 30 yards and if you truly limit yourself to thirty yards i wouldnt waste money on the top dollar loads and chokes. if you want to maximize performance with your gun then i think that hevi 13 is the way to go, with either the straight number 7s or the new magnum blend. i have also had some pretty good patterns in my sbe2 with winchester xtended range
  9. great for hunting coyotes if your into that...just like anything else it gets expensive tho
  10. you really cant go wrong with a primos jellyhead for the price
  11. i love my pistol grip ... you can hold real steady and it does disipate some of the recoil
  12. I got some excellent numbers with 3.5" 2.25 oz #7 hevi 13...over 300 in the 10" circle ill try to post some pics later
  13. I had a stoeger m2000 and got great results with a hevi shot compatable HS Undertaker...i believe it was and .675 constriction and hevi 13 #6
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