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Any Reprted Problems for SBE2 and Fed. Ultra Shok ?


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I've been chasing a misfire problem with a well broken in SBE2, and I'm looking for input from forum members on any specific ammunition issues with you SBE2 other than light load cycling.


Mechanically, everything seems to be working properly. The bolt head securely goes to battery in the receiver. The hammer hits the firing pin, the firing pin dents the primer dramatically, but without enough force to ignite the primer.

Ironically, I can shoot 125 rounds of Fiocchi trap loads without a problem, but the Federal Ultra Shok 3" waterfowl loads misfire intermittently.


I have friends who regularly shoot the Ultra Shoks through Remington 1187s without a problem.


If its mechanical, I would guess a weakened hammer spring or a worn hammer face, but I'm curious about any reported ammunition issues. I can switch to Heavishot etc. and give that a try, but I was under the impression that this gun can shoot just about anything, and I'm as curious as I am aggravated.


Bennelli has given me an RA # for the firearm, but before I send it in I thought I would ask the forum if any of you have had a similar problem with this ammunition or any " hard primer " issues.



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