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Help mounting a sling, Benelli Supernova


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Hi all..


I have a brand new Benelli Supernova , I wasn't really in the market for it at all, and IF I got one I was going to get the Tactical... But I also recently bought a Mossberg 930SPX, and I saw this particular Benelli and it caught my eye, I loved the feel, and I think I got a redonkulous deal from $500 down to $329.99 ... it's the Supernova SteadyGrip 24" barrel..


One of my questions is, how in the world do I mount a regular I guess called "two-point?" sling, like the kind i'd "SLING" over my shoulder or "Sling" across my back diagonal like.. The twist-cap at the end of the magazine has no loop like the other Benelli's ive seen.. there is one a little south of that, so that's ONE loop, but then no others... and the two clip-looking things on the stock, are they for slings? I can't get any of the sling clips to connect there... What gives?


Also, while I'm here a few other questions? Is it true a SMALLER, 18" JUST BARREL with the GRS is really $500 when my entire setup was only $329? And anyone have any experience with mag tube extensions? I have Choate on my Mossberg but i'm told I want a "sexy" Nordic? On this Benelli?


Also, I don't have the "comfortech" stock, anything recommended to help with recoill? Is a limbsaver worth it? oh and ONE OTHER THING SORRY.. .can someone provide a link for a cheap rail I can mount ? (and if you have a cheap red-dot or reflex type site, lemme at it...I'd love a cheap rail and site I can mount and still have the fiber optic bead up front visible..)


THANKS MUCH --- stupid n00b here.

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