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R1 30.06 hot loads


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I recently purchased an R1 in 30.06 and I was wondering if anyone knows if you can shoot "hot loads" such as Hornady's Light Magnum series. The manufacturers of the ammunition state that it should not be used in semi-autos, but I can't get Benelli to respond to my emails.

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I suggest you skip the light magnum ammo . It's a disaster waiting to happen. R1 Barrel will prolly tolerate such load , but all other moving parts will suffer and eventually something will give way .


I've do a whole lot of reloading for my R1-30-06 and more than once i had the pleasure of dealing with hot loads . Now i have a few scratch marks on the bottom of the receiver, also a few other marks which showed up only after blasting hot loads.


Light Magnum ammo is meant for bolt-action type'a rifles, even so -only high quality rifles can tolerate such power. Hot Load Will Burn out or Explode your gas chamber no matter if it's R1 or B.A.R ...


Try some other loads : Rem Accutip , Win bal-silvertip ,...these proved to be Sub-Moa in my R1 , haven't had a chance to test anything else tho ...


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