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SNT Pistol grip stock?


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Ya, the same seller is selling them on ebay for 139.99 +10.99 shipping.


The pictures on both sites were taken from the benelli website and it is for the SBEII/M2 pistol grip. The picture below it (Benelli web site) is of the Supernova pistol grip and looks a little different.


After emailing back and forth with seller yesterday. I have learned:

A). The pistol grip comes in a plain box w/ a benelli sticker that has no writing on the box.

B). I have had 1 person on this site tell me it will not fit but, the seller assures me it will even though he admits he has not installed one on a SNT. Seller stated it says it in his "Dealer Catalog" that it will fit.

C). Benelli phone # does not work on Friday. No one ever answers.

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In all of my searching (a little over a year) I have only heard about the steady grip (all camo colors none black). C-stock which I gave up on (cost too much). Comfortech (which I have) and regular pistolgrip w/stock (a buddy owns one with these).


But even if they had PG you would still have a metal rod you would have to take off first.

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Does anyone know where I can buy a (Black) pistol grip stock for my SNT?


Or does anyone know who might be interested in a trade for a black comfortech stock?


I have two SuperNova's with pistol grips and would be interested in trading 1 of these stocks with you. Plus I would willing to include some $ to facilitate a transaction.

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