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  1. I emailed Benelli today. The z shim was the one that was damaged.
  2. I live in Gifford IL. Three weeks my house was leveled by an EF3 tornado. My guns survived in my safe except for my supernova. I lost the spare shims and the one installed stripped in the receiver. I have searched all over and cant find a kit for sale. Please help me locate these.
  3. I have a steady grip version that is tapped. I believe all those that have that stock are.
  4. Normal. You wont notice a problem when you fire it.
  5. Just took the time to look at my SN, The sound you are hearing is the hammer moving back. When the gun is cocked and the hammer is locked to the rear the sound is silenced.
  6. Completely normal. Cock the shotgun and it wil go away.
  7. only the head of the bolt rotates. If you watch closely while you close the action you can see it rotate about a 1/4 turn.
  8. Mine was the same way. I just used some hoppes and that took care of it. The hardest part was under the rib.
  9. cylinder bore is recomended in the supernova manual.
  10. I first clean mine with a damp cloth then let it dry. I then take a rustys rag sheepskin and wipe it down. The rag really seems to make it look bend new. The supernova will only get better as you shoot it more. My dad bought an 870 when I got my shotgun and we have about the same number of shells through them. My supernova is smooth as butter and his 870 although a good gun seem to have some catches in the action.
  11. gfpd707

    Supernova Love

    I bought the field model. I do have interest in a tactical shotgun and it will most likely be an 870 or 590. has anyone had expierence with the 887 tactical by remington. The durability of the shotgun being encased in polymer interests me.
  12. gfpd707

    Supernova Love

    I just wanted to express how much I like My supernova. I originally went in to buy my first shotgun and was set on buying an 870 but New I had to have the Benelli. I havent shot it much lately and decided to take it out and give it a once over and ensure it was in top condition. I am not bashing the remington 870 in any way but everyone has one and everytime I bring the supernova out someone always has to look it over.
  13. One disadvantage of the pistol grip is you have to unbolt it to drop the trigger guard and remove the bolt for cleaning.
  14. how much do you want?
  15. I bought mine from dicks sporting goods for just under $400 out the door in black with a 24 inch barrel. It is drilled and tapped. I love this gun. Not to bash the 870 buy everyone has one and when you pull the supernova out it turns some heads. That said my next shotgun will be a police model 870.
  16. What kind of lubricant should I use on the mechanicals of my supernva. Right now I just use rem oil but itseems to evaporate.
  17. You have to post some pics when your done. I am really interested in this. Could you give some details.
  18. your having you super nova painted???
  19. Your shell lifter must be getting hung up part way down. The lifter fits in a groove on the bottom of the bolt when its all the way up. So it must be part way down
  20. I would drop the trigger group and clean and lube it and see if that helps at all.
  21. Is the lifter not returning to the lowered position.
  22. texaskeeter called it first but if he is not interested your next.
  23. It is the black pistol grip stock. I am interested in the regular comfortech stock.
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