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Benelli and Federal (ATK)


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I searched both Benelli and Federal websites as well as Google for the reasons for this relationship. The Federal website does not promote Benelli firearms.


This leads me to the conclusion that Federal (ATK) made financial payment(s) to Benelli to have Benelli promote the Federal ammo for their firearms. Also, Benelli’s exhibition shooter, Tom Knapp, is promoting Federal ammo.


To me, it is a marketing ploy by Federal to make people associate the high quality of Benelli with Federal ammo.


Benelli = high quality = Federal


Like Pavlov's dogs, you are now supposed to be salivating for Federal ammo. :D

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Thanks for the reply, your conclusions sound logical to me. ATK ,ammunition section, has made some interesting moves in last few years such as the new Federal "Shok" shotshells, buying Estate, as well as associating with Benelli. Makes the company interesting.

What do you guess (or know) was the reason to buy Estate. Was it just a marketing decision (increased market share), infrastructure expansion, or did Estate have some patents that were useful.

I have become very pro-Benelli since I bought may SBE1 this spring, but have always been neutral on Federal. But must say I liked their new fast lead for phesants last year. I am eager to see if I start salivating when I pass Federal displays in the gun shop.

Have a good day,



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It appears that ATK owns a group of ammo manufactures.

In December 2001, Alliant Techsystems (ATK), a $2 billion aerospace and defense company, acquired Federal Cartridge Company along with its sister brands CCI, Speer, Outers, RCBS, Estate Cartridge Company, Orbex, Ram-Line, Champion Target, Weaver, Simmons and Redfield, adding them to its well-known Alliant Powder brand.
The link below to the article in Guns&Ammo gives a good history of Federal.


Federal Cartridge Company: 80 Years Young


Regarding shot shells, I prefer Winchester.


A friend and I were at an indoor shooting range with our shotguns. He had boxes of Remington and Federal Target/Game Load shells. I had Winchester Heavy Dove load shells. (3 drs 1 1/8 oz)


To me, the Federal shells are just dirty or smoky when fired. The Remington shells looked like tracers when being fired down the indoor range.


Regarding the ammo, I say use the ammo that patterns well for your gun and choke combination along with the desirable traits of cycling your gun reliably.


Regards, threeshot

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