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R1 Clean burning ammo


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in the 3 brands of .270WSM ammo shot so far. I clean my daughter's .270WSM, using tips posted elsewhere by stid2677 (the factory user manual instructions seem way short of what's effective). We shoot together, my bolt action .325WSM and her R1 .270WSM. The R1 is a sweet shooter and she's been able to handle the sporty .270WSM round, moving up quickly from .22LR to .243Win to .270WSM. Can't tell much difference on the cleaning bench though whether she's shooting Remington, Hornady, or Winchester.


All I can figure about the residue buildup is that the gas discharge; composed of hot gas and small particles ("ejecta") that goes straight out the barrel in my bolt gun, is partially recirculated in the R1. Over the box or so we usually shoot per session, the accumulated residue is a significant amount more than what I see on cleaning patches in my bolt gun. Cleaning the bolt gun is simpler because the bore contains all the residue. Cleaning the R1 is more involved because more parts involved in the discharge route.


I'm surprised no one has done a YouTube instructional video yet. Using lock ring pliers, I have been able to clean nearly all the moving parts, but still not sure how to get it all apart.


Anyway, good luck.

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