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  1. Recently I was shooting my Cordoba with 3 other people. They were shooting a Remington, Winchester, and Browning; all gas autos. The Cordoba was the only one that would cycle the low brass 2.75 drams of powder ammo. I have had this type of experience on several occasions. My neighbor has same problem with his Smith & Wesson gas auto. I do not hunt geese or ducks much so have not noticed a "kick" problem when using 3" ammo. I shoot Remington Nito Pheasant and have not noticed a kick problem in the field. I frequently shoot 125 rounds at trap, loading 3 and then 2 rounds, firing 25 at each station before moving along the line. I do this when no one else is using the trap, which is voice activated. Never had a miss-fire or ejection problem in two years. I mostly shoot Remington Gun Club Target Loads; 2.75 dr. eq.; 1.125 oz. shot; #8. I highly recommend a Benelli.
  2. Tucker is correct, Benelli Cordoba bolt MUST be closed using force or it will often not fire.
  3. Got this result using Federal Nosler 140s @ 100 yards.
  4. My friend has a Ruger in 270 WSM and it too does not like the Federal Nosler 130s, does 3 inch groups with that ammo. Seems each gun is ammo specific thus you will need to experiment. I'll let you know what I find out with the other types of ammo (Remington, another Federal, and another Winchester). I like the R1 for several reasons: Less recoil; feels like my Cordoba when shouldered (stocks are identical). There is no reason why semi auto can't be accurate, military is happy with the M16. I have 50 year old Win. 77 .22 rimfire that will do 1 inch groups at 100 yards!
  5. Mine does 1 inch groups at 100 yards using Federal Nosler 140 grain ammo. It is TERRIBLE with Winchester ammo and also Federal Nosler 130 grain ammo. I will be trying some other brands soon. Have a local person who reloads so will work up some rounds for me. It is 270 WSM.
  6. Either one fits both my Cordoba AND my R1:)
  7. Veduci

    R1 Bi-pod

    Not sure why first post did not accept spelling of bi-pod??? Anyway, what works with R1? Thanks!
  8. Veduci

    R1 B****

    What bi-pod have you R1 shooters found that works?? Thanks!
  9. Veduci

    Gas Piston

    What ammo do you use? Is this caliber specific?
  10. Veduci

    Gas Piston

    What ammo do you shoot?
  11. I have Limbsaver on Cordoba and R1, far better than Benelli pads.
  12. What ammo does your 270 WSM like?
  13. I just got my new R1 yesterday, 270 WSM. Discovered the recoil pad is identical to the one on my Cordoba! They are interchangeable! Is it reasonable to assume the shims are also the same?
  14. With so many posts about cleaning the R1 and the problems with dirty piston etc. can R1 shooters reply with what they believe to be the cleanest burning factory loads? Thanks!
  15. Does the MR1 suffer from the same problems??? If so I would think those high volume shooters would be very angry.
  16. I am planning to use Federal Premium with Nosler bullet, 130 grains. 270 WSM. What others would you consider high quality?
  17. Does the quality of the ammo matter in terms of powder corrosion etc.??
  18. I replaced all my Cordoba original extended choke tubes with a set of extended from Briley. Briley patterns are superior to Cordoba in several pattern test. Can't say if flush compared to extended matters much. Extended eliminates the need to carry a choke wrench and it is EASY to see what choke is installed.
  19. I have an early Cordoba. Not a single problem yet. It shoots light (2.75 drams eq.) trap loads just fine while my friends with Remington and Browning have ejection / reload problems with the light loads. I rarely clean the gun. It is far and away the best shotgun I have ever used. I shot Winchester Model 12 for 30+ years.
  20. That is a neat looking rifle! For what do you intend to use the gun? I have ordered an R1 in .270 wsm and am curious to see how the gas operated system functions in terms of reliability after many rounds. I suspect you will fire far more rounds in the MR1 than I will in the R1 so please keep us informed about frequency of cleaning etc. Good luck!
  21. I have two Winchester Model 12s. They are far superior to the 870. They are easy to find now and price has fallen in recent months.
  22. I replaced mine with a Limbsaver. Much better pad than Benelli.
  23. Veduci

    R1 Recoil Pad

    The R1 is synthetic. I have asked Limbsaver if the make a replacement. I have not received nor shot the R1 yet so maybe the pad is ok BUT IF it is like the Cordoba, it will not be nearly as good as a Limbsaver pad. Thanks!
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