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Adjusting the stock drop on a M1


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Forgive my silly question but how do I tell if my gun is too low or too high. It came with the "C" factory installed and the manual calls to go down a letter if its too low. Since it only comes with A, B, and C, I am assuming it must now be too low because if it were too high, I'd have to go to D (in which there is none (or even mention of D in the manual).


Thanks in advance!!

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So there is a D. I must admit though, I still don't know how to tell if my M1 fits too low or too high.


When I bring it up, only the bottom 1/2 of the pad hits my shoulder, the top 1/2 is over and above my shoulder.



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The "drop" on a gun is the relationship between your cheek on a properly held gun, and the sight picture that you see when this is done. Depending on the physical stature of the guy shooting, the drop may need to be altered. We are not all built the same..If you shoulder the gun, look down the barrel and see little or no rib, just the bead, you are probably close enough to at least shoot the shotgun. Then pattern the thing to see if shoots to your Point of Aim. If it shoots high, you may need to lower the drop.(by putting in the thickest shim). If it shoots low you may need to raise the drop.(by putting in a thinner shim). Go shoot the gun and see if you can hit what your shooting at. Sounds to me like you have a severe case of ''paralysis by analysis''. Don't over complicate things.. Hope this helps. Good luck to you..Mike

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