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nova tactical question


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I am interested in getting a shotgun for home defense but also would like to have something for hunting. I was wondering with the Nova Tactical if it would be effective for hunting (deer only) or if I should look into something else. Thanks for any help.


If you're comfortable with a smoothbore for deer hunting, it would work quite well. Around here (MA), where the modern firearms season is shotgun-only, 20-22" smoothbore barrels are the rule. The 18 1/2" Nova Tac barrel would work great, either with rifle or ghost ring sights.


Be advised that additional barrels are very expensive, so make sure you're happy before you put your cash down.

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I have a SBE2 with a rifled barrel. Using the sabot slugs suggested by Benelli and a Burris scope its deadly lethal out to 200 yards. Here in Maryland up until a few years ago it was rifle but due to over building and over population they changed it to shotgun only in most of the state, there are some regions that still allow rifle use, but thats why I looked into the SBE2 in the first place and I have no regrets. People from years ago had their jaws dropped when I sighted it in. 100 yards for a shotty is unheard of but i can get a ragged one hole group easily...


I would assume the rifled barrel would give you the same performance from a Nova. This is assuming its not smoothbore only.


Hoe I helped!

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