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Couple basic M3 ??


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First I'm new here so be gentle:)


Can someone explain the purpose of the shell release? The lever by the trigger guard that releases a shell onto the lifter.


Also why does it lock the lifter?


All other pumps I have used that lever would allow you to cycle the action to eject live ammo, mine will cycle(pump mode) anytime


What other function does the bolt release button have?


How do you clean the inertia spring?


Mine used to run wally world bulk loads in auto mode, maybe 1 failue to cycle in 100 rnds ,now maybe 1 in 4-5

I've cleaned every thing else many times, theres no way to remove the stock or spring that I can find without cutting some of the rubber on the grip or stock.

What's the secret?

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Hi T&N and welcome to the forum.


There is an excellent post by remarkable in post #2 of this thread that addresses the recoil spring tube cleaning and spring replacement.




The cartridge drop lever allows you to eject the round in the chamber without feeding the next round from the mag tube.


Say that your tube was loaded with 00 and you wanted to fire a slug round. You can eject the chambered 00 and drop in a slug.




Hookster :)

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Thanks for the link, I haven't tried those holes ,mine are about the size of a pencil lead.


On my M3 the button on the side of the reciver allows that, the lever by the trigger guard releases a shell from the tube onto the lifter.


I'm probably not doing it right but ,I just insert the different shell into the mag tube, and cycle the action, seems faster to me, but them I'm slow anyway

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