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So what ammo do the Marines use?


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Just came back from the range where I shot slugs with my M4. At 50 yards I was able to hit an 8 inch target most of the time with about 1 in 4 within 2 inches of the bulls eye. Obviously this is a deadly accurate weapon using slugs going 1500 fps. Which got me thinking. Since this gun is used by the Marines, what kind of ammo do the marines use? Does it vary depending on mission? For HD I use 00 buck (Remington low recoil, 1200 fps) with a cylinder choke. Too wimpy???

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Here's an article from a few years ago. In addition, standard military grade 00 buck shot (sealed primer and case mouth) plus powdered lead for specialized breaching applications. The USMC adapts quickly and doesn't wait until a war is over for 20 years to effect new ammunition. The Army has a few (Viet Nam era) shotguns tucked away in MP armories scatttered around the USA and the Air Force just doesn't believe in those mean, ugly shotgun things. It's up to leathernecks to show our armed forces the way with new shooting systems and ammunition!

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